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  1. Bernard Zunic

    Hello. I just wonder if you could tell me which of spicies can be used for medical use, and which of them have the biggest flowers. I would like to grow verbascum for making syrup of flowers, so information of this would be very desirable. I am interested in Olympicum sort of verbascum (seeds can be purchased), but please you tell me about it all. Regards Bernard

  2. admin2 Post author

    Dear Bernard,
    The most famous one for medicinal use is Verbascum thapsus (great mullein or common mullein).
    The biggest flower: V. bombyciferum with up to 40mm, and V. phlomoides with up to 55mm. and in Olympicum which you are interested in, the flower size is between 22-32 mm.

  3. Andrea Tiffany

    I was looking for a roadside plant to take some seed from, There doesn’t seem to be any here on the Sunshine Coast (BC-Canada), I bought a hybrid and planted it in what may prove to be too good a soil, but I don’t have any other in my yard. The question I have is – do the hybrids have the same medicinal properties- specifically the benefits to the lungs, that the wild varieties do. I heard that there are wild plants growing all over the interior and may take a trip there to harvest some seed ( and because I love to drive)
    your thoughts- has any research been done on them?

  4. Kate J. Weiner

    Dear Verbascums,

    I’m writing to you because I’ve just spent most of today searching online for a grower of Verbascum ‘Petra’ in the US.

    It’s not clear at all from your site just where you are geographically. The UK is a horticultural dream; the US, where I am, often a gardening wasteland.

    I wonder if you could point me towards the verbascum specialist growers are in the US? I’d be hugely obliged.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kate Weiner
    Clinton Corners, NY
    Zone 5b

  5. Tace Jailor

    I would love to grow wand mullein (verbascum virgatum) as an ornamental.
    1) What soil type should I utilize?
    2) What measures should I take to prepare my soil.
    3) When is the ideal time to sow seeds?
    4) What are water, temperature, or sunlight requirements of this plant?


    1. admin2 Post author

      Hello, 1. ordinary soil or slightly alkaline. 2. nothing special, like other plants. 3. Start of spring. 4. It is quite easy plant, some mulch in the winter for protection will be good; when flowering has finished its better to cut the stem. they prefer sunny places and not much water.


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