For this website we are trying to collect and offer you the most reliable information and data about the genus Verbascum. We provide you information about its Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Molecular studies, Medicinal properties, Geography, Biogeography and Ecology.

We are trying to find all researches which has done, the oldest and the most recent. So, for achieving to this point, we have visited different libraries, herbaria collections (such as Kew, Montpellier, Natural History Museum of London, Tehran university faculty of science, Tehran university faculty of pharmacy, Forest institute of Tehran, institute of Evin, Sanandaj and several field trips (in 2012, 2013 and 2014).

Also we appreciate your helps and guides.

If you work on this genus, we would be happy if you share your information or ideas with us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via   info [@] verbascum [.] org

Up to now we used these sources:

Flora Europaea,

Flora Iranica (1981),

Flora of Afghanistan,

Flora of China,

Flora of France,

Flora of North America

Flora of the USSR (1997),

Flora of Turkey (1978),

Flora Orientalis (1879),

Flora Palaestina – (Zohary 1966),

Flore d’Algérie,

Flore de l’Iran (Parsa 1952),

Flore Pratique du Maroc,

La flore d’europe occidentale,

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